Roughly 100% of us have gone through a collectible card phase at some point in our life. Baseball cards, Garbage Pail Kids, Pokemon cards—collectors from around the world continue to scour the earth for coveted pieces of thin cardboard rectangles with a photographic image laid on top. Why? Because of

Ever take a Tuesday off work and head down to the beach, slide your toes into the sand, pop open a refreshing beverage, rip the tinfoil off a cool sandwich, and stare out at the glimmering blue ocean taking in the awe and beauty of the world and then…a yacht

The Potentially Lucrative World of NFT Investing Let’s face it—social media has widely become the preferred method of artistic and self-expression across the world. So, it’s not surprising that with this boom in instant visibility and instant validation, artists, models, musicians, performers, and athletes have been able to launch successful

Everyone knows what an NFT is at this point. But in case you haven’t caught on to the world’s fastest-growing form of paid artistic expression, here’s the deal: NFTs have completely changed the game in the crypto-art world and have created a new pathway for artists, designers, musicians, athletes, politicians,